Friday, February 20, 2009

Will Solomon Gets a Free Pass

Yesterday, I said that Will Solomon will replace Sheldon Williams as the bench warmer I plan on ratting on.

Then, I remembered something.

I have two main allegiances: The Kings and Judaism. I gotta represent Jews or Jewish links any chance I got (for my real job, I work for a Jewish website/blog).

I knew I remembered Will Solomon's name from somewhere. Then it hit me. He used to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv (turns out he also played for Hapoel Jerusalem). That puts you in Anthony Parker, David Bluthenthal territory.

So, Will, I take it back. You now have immunity in my heart. So I hearby give you the "Mateen Cleeves Memorial Never Make Fun of the Guy No Matter How Bad At Basketball He Is." Congratulations.

The same can't be said for you Calvin Booth. I'm on to you already. You like like Greg Oden's grandfather.

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