Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Another 7'0 White Guy

That was my initial thought when the Kings drafted Spencer Hawes last summer. Recent history is unkind to men who look like Spencer Hawes.

We already had Brad Miller, who thankfully did not qualify as a "Big White Guy." First off, there was this. Then of course, he could pass. Thirdly, his number wasn't OO.

But Miller doesn't even look like the stereotypical Big White Guy. He isn't as hulky. He doesn't have a crew cut. He doesn't look like he's from Utah. The list goes on.

But Hawes is tricky. While scouts were saying he would be known for his offense, I was worried. The man, at least in my opinion, looks much more like Greg Ostertag than Shaquille O'Neil.

But Hawes doesn't play like that. Sure, he might qualify for the blog, White NBA Players Who Look Like Abusive Husbands, but he sure doesn't act like one.

I've been thinking a lot today about racism, namely against Blacks. What has come out of my thinking is that we tend to box people too much into groups. In terms of basketball then, why do I expect people to play a certain way?

Why do I think of Spencer Hawes as a (much) more talented Robert Swift when in actually, they're games are worlds apart?

We (I) have to stop having certain expectations for players who look a certain way. This doesn't mean you can't love a player because you relate to him. If you grew up in the same neighborhood as Matt Barnes, feel free to root for him. But don't expect Matt Barnes to play how you play just because you drank the same water.

I honestly don't know where my thoughts are right now. I've just been wondering why my expectations for Hawes were so low.

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