Monday, February 2, 2009

Kings vs. Suns: I Can't Stop Hating Shaq

Tonight, the Kings face a struggling Suns team after beating the Thunder yesterday in OT (YES! We're barely better than the Thunder!).

Shaquille O'Neil (are you even Irish?) is probably my least favorite player. Sure, he may have won a couple points but asking Kobe to eat his bum, but that doesn't make up for all the crap he has pulled on the Kings.

Don't get me wrong. Sure, I'm bitter about all the Kings-Lakers series but that doesn't automatically make you my least favorite player. You don't see me hating on Derek Fisher in this post.

My beef is three-fold. Two of them are posted in the videos below. Shaq: If you got beef with Vlade Divac, you got beef with me. He needs to go where people know his name? Check out your mom's bed then.

Also, don't you dare call us the Sacramento Queens. You want me to get started on all of the lakes in the Los Angeles region? Yeah, that's what I thought.

But here is the biggest issue I got. You may have read this a couple months back but it is worth reading a second time:

Question [Scott Howard-Cooper]: Would you go to Sacramento as a backup and be a tutor to Spencer Hawes?

Answer [Shaquille O'Neal]: Who's that?

Q: Their first-round pick last year.

A: Oh, I didn't know that. That's his name? Can he play?

Q: Apparently in time.

A: In time. Spencer Hawes? No.
Well Shaq, with Brad Miller out tonight, you will get to know our boy Spencer Hawes pretty well. Hopefully he won't land on your precious toe after he dunks over you.

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