Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everybody Take a Deep Breath

Before I start with the nitty-gritty, people, it's over. You can't turn back time. Whether you agree with the trade or not, it happened. You're gonna have to deal with it.

Too often we let our impulses get the best of us. As loyal Kings fans, we have two undisputed emotions: a) wanting the absolute best for the Kings b) caring for Kings players, especially if they have a long history with the team.

I think the negative reactions to today's trade were a result of these two emotions. I read in the comments thread of Sactown Royalty people basically calling for Geoff Petrie's head. That he totally screwed up this trade and all faith is lost in the man. The fact is, this trade really isn't that bad.

Honestly, what did you expect? The Kings traded away two starters on a team that is 11-43. How good can Miller and Salmons actually be? To expect Petrie to be able to pry off great talent is sadly just Kings fans putting Miller and Salmons on a fake pedestal.

If you think that Miller and Salmons are really going to help out that Bulls team, you have another thing coming. Brad, as much as I love him, is past his prime. Maybe he'll be rejuvenated but I'd bet against that. It's not like he has only been putting up okay numbers this year. He been chucking up poor 3-pointers and complaining about fouls ever since C-Webb left.

And Salmons? He is easily the streakiest player on the Kings. No doubting his talent. To be able to throw down 30 points in an NBA game is no easy task. But he also can throw out some pretty weak performances too.

It sucks that we lost out on Tyson Chandler. But no one else worth while is out there. People are wondering how we couldn't get a draft pick out of this. You know what though? At one point, enough with the draft picks! We need to pick up real players! Want to know what these "holy" draft picks become? Ike Diogu. Just read what Kelly Dwyer wrote about him today. And now he is a King.

I don't think Nocioni is as good as Salmons in terms of talent. But you know what? He is a hustler and a crowd pleaser. You will forget in two weeks how much you love Salmons. That's a guarantee.

More importantly, we got cap space. Its frustrating to hear that but sometimes its necessary. We did the same thing with Bibby and that really stung. But that's Mike Bibby! We're talking about John Salmons and Brad Miller here. Jeez.

By the way, Drew Gooden is averaging 13/8 this year. Brad Miller? 12/8. Sure he's a better passer. But his contract isn't expiring either.

Just breathe people. The Kings were bad yesterday. They will probably be bad tomorrow. Beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see.

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