Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Just Happened?

Hey, sorry. Last night, I was checking up on the Kings game and all of a sudden I got punched in the face and passed out. Who won?

Seriously, last night might have been the roughest game of the season for the Kings, and that's saying a lot, especially after that drubbing by the Celtics. The craziest part of the game is that, as embarrassing as a 129-81 score is, it doesn't even tell half the story.

After being absolutely manhandled by the Suns in the 1st half, the point differential in the 3rd quarter was 30-12! How do you only score 12 points in a quarter?!?!?!

There are other really embarrassing stats about this game. John Salmons, for example, had 19 and 7. Pretty decent game. Until you realize that his point differential for the night was a team worst -43! Compare that to Amare, who only played in 27 minutes and was a +49. I honestly think that John Salmons is Robert Horry's brother or something.

Then we have the bench. Oh God is our bench terrible. Possibly the funniest stat of the night is Sheldon Williams scoring 1 point. I don't even have to say more.

And a message to Kenny Thomas: You know you suck when your team loses by 50 points and your coach decides that it isn't worth it to put you in the game. If the Kings were the continent of Africa, you would be ebola. That's why you are contained as far away on the bench as possible.

Remember when we traded C-Webb for Thomas? HILARIOUS! (I just died a little).

This is when you know that a Kings game is going terribly. I had a much better time watching Kobe throw down 61 (Watching that game was ridiculous. He was actually on fire. I saw him get hosed down before a tv timeout) last night than hear about the Kings game.

Total sidebar: I have a theory that Kobe Bryant is Borat's dad. Boltok the Rapist? Sounds a little too familiar for my liking...

Now if only I can find my Jason Williams jersey so I can blow my nose in it...

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