Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kings: Next Year's Thunder!

I love playing the Thunder. I'm not talking about our ability to beat them (When someone tells you the only reason the Kings lost last night was because K-Mart wasn't playing in the 4th, remind them that Durant didn't play at all). That's not it at all. I like watching the Thunder because it allows us to look into the future. The Thunder are everything we want the Kings to be (besides the whole moving thing) and hopefully not more.

Think about it. Both teams are terrible. We get that. But when we think of the Kings, we think despair. Yeah, yeah, yeah...JT is a good prospect (why people think he is untouchable, while my boy Spencer is chopped liver is another story), but beyond that, all we have are dreams.

Seriously, whenever I read Kings articles and discussions, they are filled with HUGE question marks. Right now, the Kings are a bunch of temporary players who have no future with the team, except maybe 5 players (which is pathetic). And that's generous.

All we can talk about is the hope of bringing over a star free agent. But what I'm about to say, as someone who doesn't live in Sacremento, is important for Sacramento residents to read because after reading some comments by certain Kings fans, I just don't think they get it. No NBA player would want to live in Sacramento over almost every other NBA city.

I know the truth. Sacramento is a great town, great place to raise a family. Too bad NBA players are a-holes who only wanna get laid. Bring on NYC! Hello Miami!

But somehow the Thunder (while living in a worse city) have figured it out. Yeah, they got lucky. They have a certain guy named Kevin Durant who, in his 2nd year (sorry Spencer, I love ya, but your numbers don't come close to matching), is averaging 26 points/game.

Because of Durant and the "young nucleus" the Thunder possess, they are the new Blazers. And look where the Blazers are!

So that's what the Kings are hoping for. In three years, if we are lucky (get the 1st pick, hope Blake Griffin is all he is cut out to be), we might just be next year's Thunder, who were 2 years ago's Blazers.

A boy can dream.

Can't he?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why I'm Content...For Now.

Remember that Bill Simmons article two years ago about rooting against your team to get a better draft pick. These were the days when the Celts didn't have Garnett and Bill was in love (still is) with Kevin Durant.

Of course, it didn't work out. The Celtics got the 3rd pick, drafted Jeff Green, traded him for Ray Allen, yada yada yada...

If you're the Kings right now, you want to get the 1st pick. I don't care how good you think Jason Thompson/Hawes/Greene are, Blake Griffin is better. And everyone else, well, they aren't Blake Griffin.

Not to say they are bad, but there are no franchise players available. Solid players yes. But no franchise.

So on the one hand, the Kings really need the #1 overall pick. On the other hand, we have a bad enough record with few games left. Meaning, that no matter what we do, the Kings are basically in the bottom few teams in the league.

So why am I content? Because I don't have to think two much about draft position. I can just hope the Kings win a couple more and the youngens' grow a little.

Then in June, I'll be at MSG when I hear David Stern say the immortal words, "With the 1st pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings select..."

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Promise I'm not Lazy, Just Busy

For the millions of loyal readers, I apologize. I really can't tell you how busy I've been lately. But hopefully things will quiet down now that the website I work for is up and cool looking (I'm posting a video at the end).

It's actually a blessing in disguise that I haven't written because I seriously had been planning all week to write about how much I love Drew Gooden.

Some quick thoughts before a real post tomorrow:

I watched Mikki Moore on Sunday. He's not good. And certainly is not PJ Brown.

Rashad McCants. You think he wants a new contract? What a great trade for the Kings. Sheldon Williams for Rashad McCants. In this round, UNC beats out Duke (much to Shoals delight). I would love to see the Kings resign him. He's a good guy coming off an otherwise stale bench.

Is Beno Udrih still on the Kings?

Eddie Jordan is a good coach. But I want Mo Cheeks. Did a great job with the Blazers and the Sixers. No reason to believe he wouldn't do a great job with the Kings.

I really hope the Kings don't leave Sacramento. With the Expos already leaving me, this would be an official sign that God doesn't want me to watch sports. Good thing I never lived in Winnipeg, or my life would be very depressing.

Sorry again. Keep reading me. I have good things to say. Sometimes.