Monday, February 16, 2009

From Marc Stein at ESPN

Regarding Amare:

The Kings could move to the top of the list if they were willing to part with rookie forward Jason Thompson, their two biggest expiring contracts (Bobby Jackson and Shelden Williams) and what will almost certainly be a top-five pick in June.

But the Kings aren't willing. Not to part with all that. Not yet, anyway.

Although it has talked with the Suns, Sacramento appears more focused on trying to move center Brad Miller before contemplating anything else, while also continuing to field proposals for in-demand swingman John Salmons.

"We looked at it," Kings co-owner Joe Maloof told when asked about Stoudemire. "Never say never, but right now, no."

I'm starting to get worried that the Kings won't pull off any deals. Hopefully Brad will go and possibly Salmons. But that trade proposal for Amare just doesn't sit with me. As I said previously, I'm all for trading for Amare. But would I trade Thompson/possibly Blake Griffin for him? I just don't know. Then again, I'm not a GM. And thank God for that. My real question is how does Ziller get to this stuff before me? Where does he live? Don't I have a three hour headstart?


  1. Here's the real question. Who do we want to build a team around? I think Blake Griffin has talent, but he could be a bust in the NBA. Amare is a proven commodity in this league (though I am concerned about his past injuries). I would def give up the top 5 pick, but try and give up Miller or Hawes instead of Thompson.

  2. I tend to agree with you. The only risk is that Amare could walk in 2010 and the Kings are back at Square One. I'd still do it though. But I wouldn't wanna be the guy who pulled the trigger. Rather the guy who told the guy. Then I'm only an accomplice.

    Also I just love Hawes. Maybe its the white guy in me, but it would sting to let him go (don't get me wrong, Amare is better than Spencer)