Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kings Can't Stop Anybody

I really don't know what to say anymore. How many more times do we have to watch/read about the Kings giving up more than 110 points in a game. It used to be that when you let off 118 points, you had a poor defensive game and you would come out strong the next time.

Well, the Kings have defied basketball's Wall of Shame. In the last 14 games, the Kings have let off 110 points or more. In that one game we didn't, the Bulls scored 109.

The last time the Kings let off less than 110 points, was when the Kings beat Dallas 102-95. That was on January 11th. Since then, the Kings have only won twice and those were against the Warriors and the Thunder, the only two teams in the league who compare to us in ineptitude (The Wizards also count but they beat us at home 110-107).

Here is an even worse stat. The Kings' point differential is a league worst -9.8. Curious about the last team that had a -9.8? The 2004-2005 Atlanta Hawks.

Take a look at that roster. Their leading scorer was Antoine Walker (wasn't he traded back to the Celtics that year?). And that's with him chucking up 5 3-pointers a game. There roster included Tom Gugliatta and Michael "Yogi" Stewart. Tyronne Lue and Tony Delk were their point guards! I'm not even gonna start on Kevin Willis.

Someone please tell me the Kings are better than that Hawks team! PLEASE!


  1. Hey that Hawks team had Josh Childress and Josh Smith as rookies. But they stunk for sure.

    This pt differential is something I'm hoping that drops in the last 29 games. This shit is killing me watching this group get blown out every other night.

  2. They're in a psychic funk. Only way to explain it.

  3. The reason we don't see the path forward is that the players don't either.

    Not a winning formula for consistant hustle.