Monday, February 9, 2009

The Curious Case of Beno Udrih

I just don't get it. Who is this guy and where does he come from?

One night, the guy is getting minutes taken from him by Whitney Houston's abusive husband and Ol' Man Jackson and the next night he is the best King on the court!

While Salmons had an almost as good night, check out Beno Udrih's line. 29/6/3 with 0 turnovers. For a man who I thought was being paid to turn the ball over, this isn't half bad. Not only that, he was a +5 in point differential.

I have to commend Kenny Natt here. Not so much for his coaching skills but for his head not exploding. How are you supposed to figure out a legit rotation when the only two consistent members of your team night in, night out are Martin and Thompson? This is probably the root of the Kings problems. On any given night, 2-3 of the Kings starters put up sub par performances. How are you supposed to win like that?

Also, notice how I'm not writing about Durant's 39 point performance. The reason? If I had a dollar for every time someone had a killer offensive night against the Kings, I'd fund the Cal-Expo arena myself.


  1. You know what they really could use is a beefed up rendition of Schwartzenegger's "Go (Kings) Go!"...that would do the trick....

  2. On the issue of team consistency, should Natt be commended for his handling of this? Or should we be discussing what he could/should be doing to correct the problem?

    A lack of consistency has been an issue with this team well before Natt took the reigns, but that does not earn him a free pass on the issue.

  3. Agreed. Hence, the not commending him for his coaching skills. Kenny Natt is not a long term solution for the Sacramento Kings. We all talked about how experienced he was for being an assistant in the league for so long. If he was soooooo great, especially as an assistant under good Jazz teams, how come he has never been a head coach before?

  4. Can we please just agree that Kenny Natt is a stop gap, not a professional basketball head coach? He is PATHETIC. The Kings need to bring in a REAL coach, or that arena will STAY empty.