Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Thompson Actually Untouchable?

I've been reading a lot of comments on Sactown Royalty about how people would never give up Jason Thompson in a trade, even for Amare.

Sadly, I think this is just a case of people being blinded by "fan favorites." I hear this a lot from Knicks fan (especially during the Isaiah era) that they wanted everyone to be traded away except David Lee. He is the only player they liked. But let me tell ya. David Lee aint no Patrick Ewing.

Think about it like this. The year is 2000. You have an N64 and its awesome. You are the coolest kid in your class because you rule at Zelda. Then one day, your parents say that they want to buy you a PS2. But there is a catch. They are going to throw away the N64.

Would you actually keep the N64? Sure the N64 is nice and fun. But it has its limitations. PS2 is a huge upgrade.

That's the deal with Thompson. I don't see Thompson as a top-5 power forward in the NBA. He is described as a "high energy guy." While that is an important piece in any NBA team, it isn't a crown jewel.

Now, I'm not saying we give up Thompson for anything. But if the Kings have a chance at an elite player (it won't happen, but it's all hypothetical), you really wouldn't give up Thompson to get him?

I know I wrote a couple weeks back that Thompson got screwed by not being invited to the Rookie game. But still, he isn't even in the Rookie game for god sakes (meaning he isn't even in the running for Rookie of the Year).

I'm as happy as anyone that JT turned out how he did, but lets not drink too much Kool-Aid.

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