Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Need Some More Time

Today was a weird day. More than that, I think today there are more questions concerning the Kings future than yesterday.

This Cassell trade smells fishy to me. He doesn't save us that much cap space so unless Geoff Petrie owed Danny Ainge a favor, this deal is confusing. Sure he provides a veteran voice on the bench, but why now? What's the point?

That's what makes me think that this trade is part of something bigger. But what? Seeing Chandler go to the Thunder was tough. Not so much because Chandler is SO great, but he is a major upgrade in terms of anyone else that the Kings have on defense.

Now Ziller is talking about how the Kings should trade for Sam Dalembert. On the one hand, the Canadian in me wants to love that. But Sam Dalembert? Why is it that the Sixers don't like him so much? There has to be an intangeble that is not being said here. Tyson Chandler, when on his game, is a game changer. Dalembert is not.

But I see Ziller's frustration. As much as the Kings need to make a trade, what team would want any of these players? John Salmons can light up the scoreboard but he also can disappear like when he scored 2 points last week. Brad Miller? The man has been on the trading block for months and so far the best deal we've seen is for Malik Rose' expiring contract for god sakes.

Hopefully Petrie can make a deal but right now, I'm just sad.

The one thing I loved from Ziller's Dalembert post was the guy in the comment thread who said he liked the trade options only because Ziller proposed them. I hope someone out there listens to my every word like that.

Kevin Martin for Jerome James. I'm tellin' ya, its a good idea.

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