Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself..

Moving away from Sacramento when I was 9 years old was tough. I was at the height of my popularity. My teachers loved me. My school's hallways were outside. Who could ask for more?

Not only did I have to move away, but I had to move to Canada. Not just Canada. French Canada. A hotbed for blizzards and separatists.

The worst part of it all though, seriously, was not being able to watch the Kings on a regular basis.

Following a small market team from a distance is really freakin' tough. You need to really be a die hard in order to remain a long distance fan as a 10 year old. Want proof? Just ask me how much I care about the Oakland A's.

So here I am, currently living in New York, watching the Kings whenever I can and reading any article/blog/box score about the Kings that I can find.

My hope for this blog is to not only give analysis of the current state of the Kings but also talk about some memories of greater Kings days (both when I lived in Sacramento and not), as well as the frustrations I and other Kings fans have by not living in Sactown.

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