Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kings Are a Box Score

I don't have NBA League Pass. It just isn't something I can afford right now. So, in order to keep up with the Kings, I do what I've done for the past 14 years. I read the box score.

That's where the title of the blog comes from. While I can read as much analysis of games as I want, the box score does the most for me. These days, I assume that the Kings will lose. That's why its all about stats .

There are two things that make me happy these days when reading a box score.

1) Seeing JT gets double figures in either rebounds or points.
2) Seeing a big DNP next to Sheldon Williams.

There are limitations to the box score though. There are no categories in the box score for "looked totally oblivious while getting dunked on" and "gave his hotel room number to the pretty girl in the front row while K-Mart took a ridiculous shot while being triple teamed."

When I went to the Kings-Nets game a couple weeks back (a game which I will blog about more in detail later), this became very apparent. There is no way to show how young the Kings are in a box score.

Let's say that the Kings were to lose by 3 points. Sounds like a good effort. But then I find out later that Quincy Douby was playing during the 4th quarter and it all makes more sense.

So that is where my analysis comes from. Is it not as strong as Sactown Royalty? Who's to say? My perspective is just different.

In later posts, I'll talk in more specifics about things, but I just wanted to lay out who I am and where I'm coming from before I do anything.

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