Friday, January 30, 2009

Kings vs. Bulls: Where 10th is Better Than 9th

When I was 9 years old, I knew dick squat about College Basketball. All I knew was that Arkansas had won the National Title the year before and had gone to the Finals that year, meaning that their best player must be the player in the nation. So when the Kings, with the 13th pick (no, I didn't look it up. I remember this stuff) took Corliss "Big Nasty" Williamson, I was a very happy boy.

Then again, I must have understood the concept of a bust too. I remember learning the harsh reality when I looked at the back of a Pervis Ellison card only to find out that he was the Kings #1 overall draft pick in 1989.

This brings me back to two summers ago. The Kings had the 10th pick in the draft and we needed a big man. I was hoping Joakim Noah would drop to us. After all, he had just led Florida to back-to-back National Championships.

Of course, the Bulls picked Noah with the 9th overall pick and the Kings ended up drafting Spencer Hawes. At the time, I was pissed. Hawes looked a bit too much like Greg Ostertag for my comfort. Even worse, all the experts were saying he didn't know how to play defense.

Well, I guess my two childhood theories clashed with each other. Noah somehow convinced everyone that he was a class act by staying at Florida for another year. Now we realize he probably just wanted to get laid by hot Florida girls.

Not only is Noah a big douche but his numbers are terrible. 5 points and 6 rebounds per game? And this guy was touted to be a possible #1 pick 3 years ago?

The Kings dodged a bullet with this one. Not only did we get our center of the future, but also didn't have a headcase like Noah on the team. Can you even imagine what it would have been like to have him and Ron-Ron in the same locker room?

Even if the Kings lose tonight, you can count your blessings that this gap toothed moron isn't wasting space on the bench. That space is reserved for Sheldon Williams.


  1. 40 minutes for shock! YEEEAAHHH

  2. Not to mention the double-double.

    Then again, 17 points for Noah.