Monday, March 2, 2009

I Promise I'm not Lazy, Just Busy

For the millions of loyal readers, I apologize. I really can't tell you how busy I've been lately. But hopefully things will quiet down now that the website I work for is up and cool looking (I'm posting a video at the end).

It's actually a blessing in disguise that I haven't written because I seriously had been planning all week to write about how much I love Drew Gooden.

Some quick thoughts before a real post tomorrow:

I watched Mikki Moore on Sunday. He's not good. And certainly is not PJ Brown.

Rashad McCants. You think he wants a new contract? What a great trade for the Kings. Sheldon Williams for Rashad McCants. In this round, UNC beats out Duke (much to Shoals delight). I would love to see the Kings resign him. He's a good guy coming off an otherwise stale bench.

Is Beno Udrih still on the Kings?

Eddie Jordan is a good coach. But I want Mo Cheeks. Did a great job with the Blazers and the Sixers. No reason to believe he wouldn't do a great job with the Kings.

I really hope the Kings don't leave Sacramento. With the Expos already leaving me, this would be an official sign that God doesn't want me to watch sports. Good thing I never lived in Winnipeg, or my life would be very depressing.

Sorry again. Keep reading me. I have good things to say. Sometimes.

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